Who We Are

Professional Plumbing Services, Inc. was started on November 3rd, 1983 in Zanesville, Ohio by Michael L. Burkhart and Melvin S.(Pudd) Lighthizer. The company was first operated in nothing more than a large garage on Greengold Drive. Business continued to grow and in 1987 moved to a larger facility a few miles down the road on the East Pike (Rt.40).

In 1989 Pudd decided it was time to retire and Mike became sole owner. In 1993 in need of even more room for its ever expanding pipe fabrication shop and needing to store their large amount of equipment, PPSI moved to its present location at 3570 Old Wheeling Road. This site consists of 3 buildings a 5000 square foot office/warehouse, a 5,000 square foot well equipped working shop (welding and pipe forming) and another 5,000 square feet equipment storage building.

For over 28 years PPSI has provided mechanical services to Southeastern and Central Ohio. Our skilled work force is second to none and can be applied to meet the needs of any job of any size.

Safety is the number one priority for Professional Plumbing Services, Inc. Employees receive monthly toolbox and annual comprehensive safety instructions and have a minimum "OSHA 10" level training. In 2012, PPSI boasts just short of 7 years worked without a reportable or lost time injury. PPSI is a 100% compliant participant in the UA Drug-Free Safety Program.